Press Ons???- Apres Gel X Dupe

Recently I saw a post on Instagram about Gel-X nails. Funny thing, this system has been out since 2017!! Celebrities, including Ariana Grande rave about this system. It looked super easy and the nails looked amazing, so I decided to try it. Then I saw the price. $140 ?? So browsing YouTube I saw a […]

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Best Natural Deodorant Ever


Have you heard the rumors about Breast Cancer and Antiperspirants? Now researchers haven’t found a definite link between breast cancer and deodorant use. But hey you can never be too careful. I’ve been using aluminium free deodorants for about 6 months now. Some are good and some are complete trash. I was recently sent this […]

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Inhale Your Vitamins


Herbert Gilbert made the first smokeless non-tobacco cigarette in 1963, but the first modern e-cigarette was invented by Hon Lik in 2003. Since then Vaping has become wildly popular. But they still contain nicotine, so what about us who like to vape, without the addictive effects of tobacco and nicotine? Introducing: Health Vape An alternative […]

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