Should You Join Epic Trading?


Should you join Epic Trading? If you haven’t read this post <<< read this first. Before you even put in a trade, you need to make sure your mindset is right. Trading is 90% Psychology and if you don’t work on yourself first, you will never develop the skills you need to become a consistent, profitable […]

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What is Tradera?- Should You Join?

do not join tradera

DO NOT JOIN- READ THIS INSTEAD What is Tradera? According to their website: Tradera is a financial firm designed to empower investors by offering world-renowned trading education services. We are dedicated to our members and prepared to assist you in learning how to navigate the financial markets. Who Owns Tradera? Tradera is a forex MLM company […]

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What Is Forex??? Is It A SCAM?


I know you’ve been seeing people talk about FOREX recently. Some people are legit and some people are straight-up scammers. See below: Forex is very real, but with any opportunity where you can make a lot of money, you have people that will prey on innocent people. So you have to do your research and […]

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Side Hustles To Start Now

Don’t get nervous about how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect your income. Get proactive now. All these jobs are low cost or even free. If you are stuck in the house, make the most of it. 1. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a side income. All you do […]

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Top 10 Trending Crafts To Sell

Wood Signs Drinkware T-Shirts 3D Printed Products Stickers/ Decals Fonts/ Hand-drawn Graphics Sewing/Crochet Custom Clocks Printables Car Air Fresheners 1. Wood Signs You can personalize wood with vinyl or paint. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube if you need help getting started. What you need: Wood, Vinyl, Cricut/Silhouette, Stencils Platforms to sell: Shopify, Amazon […]

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Should You Start an Online Business??

Starting an online business is easier than you think. But in today’s economy having a supplemental income is necessary. The first step in creating a side hustle is looking at the competition. You can use Similar Web and Uber Suggest to research keywords and website visits. You want to make sure the niche you pick […]

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How To Make Money Reselling

Stop Paying Retail! How Are People Making Money Reselling? How do regular people get access to Authentic iPhone and Brand Name suppliers? Reasons this course is DIFFERENT: You will be taught the right way to resell and dropship This course has over 23 years of experience You will have access to the vendors that iPhone […]

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