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Inhale Your Vitamins


Herbert Gilbert made the first smokeless non-tobacco
cigarette in 1963, but the first modern e-cigarette was invented
by Hon Lik in 2003.
Since then Vaping has become wildly popular.
But they still contain nicotine, so what about us who like to
vape, without the addictive effects of tobacco and nicotine?


Introducing: Health Vape
An alternative to traditional vaping but it’s also good for you.
Health Vape developed an inhaler that delivers high quality vitamins through inhale-able vapor,
without any nicotine, caffeine or calories.


For me this is super beneficial because

  1. I’m semi-caffeine sensitive
  2. I’m intermittent fasting about 16- 20 hours a day.

I received SOOTHE and VITAL.


I love SOOTHE, I have slight insomnia.
Some nights I won’t fall asleep until 5 or 6 am. Then it’s time to wake up
at 7 am.
This has improved my sleep pattern greatly.
I take about five puffs and I’m super relaxed and I’m sleep within minutes.
It has a minty flavor that relaxes your mind, oh and the ingredients are natural.
Valerian root extract

Peppermint essential oil
Orange and lemon essential oil
Chamomile essential oil

Check out SOOTHE here


I puff VITAL in the morning
The citrus flavor pumps and energizes me for the day.

VITAL includes:
Co-Enzyme Q1
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Vitamin B12

Check out VITAL here

I would definitely recommend Health Vape especially if you have an busy lifestyle.
If you don’t like taking supplements orally this is perfect.

Use Code IAMLROSE for 30% OFF


I received this product in exchange for my honest un-biased review.


Use Code IAMLROSE for 30% OFF´╗┐

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