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Make $300-$500 This Month Donating Plasma


Make an extra $300-$500 this month donating plasma. Check out my full review here:

So, I’ve realized there is plenty of ways to make extra money each month. With this opportunity you don’t need a skill or even a computer. I will list some of the exclusions but as long as you’re 18, over 110 pounds and you don’t have a transmittable disease check here you’ll quality.

If you prefer to watch the video here

If you’ve donated plasma before you can scroll to the bottom to save/screenshot the coupon. You must use this coupon to get $500 and your first donation has to be completed by 4/30/2019.

Now I used an expired coupon when I went, so I suggest you still try to use the $500 if not you can you use the $350 coupon.


You must be a New Donor to receive $500.

I’ve heard of people giving plasma for extra money alot but I’ve never thought about donating until now. I kept passing this place on HWY 124 and I kept telling myself, one day I’m going to research the process.

So finally, months after getting fired, I needed some extra cash and decided to take the plunge. People made it seem like it was soooo painful. Couldn’t be furthest from the truth and I hate needles.

The Intake Process:

Day 1:

  • You should give yourself 2 to 2.5 hours to complete the intake procedure. There will be alot of questions and you’ll also take a physical.
  • Make sure you bring your Picture ID and your  SSN card. (I used my W4 instead of my SSN card)
  • Some centers have supervised playrooms for your children
  • Your child must be between 6 months- 12 years old

Each day they will take your blood pressure, temperature , and prick your finger to make sure you are approved to donate. Make sure you eat enough protein and drink


And Relax!! It’s a super easy process

NOTE: If you have recently gotten a tattoo, piercing or vaccination you might not qualify.  If you take certain medications you might not qualify. Check here

It looks scary but it’s not

Day 2:

  • I always make my appointment either the day before or the day of. If you go between 10am-12pm it’s less crowded. If you go after 5, prepare to be there longer.
  • You check in, answer a few questions and then they take your temperature, blood pressure and prick your finger.
  • Then you head to your color section to donate.
  • I weigh 163 so I give 825ml of plasma, it takes about 45- 1 hour.
Plasma Donation machine

Things to Know

  • You should drink at least 80 oz of water the day before and 64 oz 2-4 hours before your appointment.
  • My veins are very small so I had to come back multiple times. If they don’t feel comfortable sticking you, they won’t. You’ll have to come back.


But honestly this is the easiest money you’ll ever make and you are helping people that depend on your plasma to live. When I saw and read some of their stories, I was happy to know I’m able to help.

Payment schedule:

1st donation:

2nd donation :

3rd donation:

4th donation:

5th donation:

6th donation:

7th donation:

8th donation:

Locations: Click Here

Here’s the coupon : Download or Screenshot

Try this coupon first, I used an expired coupon from 2017 and they were able to use the code
This $350 coupon is for certain locations, but still try if the $500 coupon doesn’t work
You can use this coupon until August 2019

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