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Should You Start an Online Business??

Starting an online business is easier than you think. But in today’s economy having a supplemental income is necessary.

The first step in creating a side hustle is looking at the competition. You can use Similar Web and Uber Suggest to research keywords and website visits.

You want to make sure the niche you pick has an audience. You can also use Google Trends to find trending items, remember “fidget spinners”.

Picking a Side Hustle

Passion and Proficiency are key. You want to pick something you are passionate about or something you don’t mind doing. If you don’t love doing it then it’ll feel like work, and then you won’t want to do it.

I’ve listed a few side hustles you can get started with today.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make online, why? Because you can get started for FREE. With affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products/services and earn a commission for each sale. Funny thing is, people, promote brands every day for free.

For example, when you post a picture online and tag the brands in your photo, that is a form of affiliate marketing, except you’re not getting paid.

Let’s say you sign up for Forever 21’s affiliate program. You’ll get your links and when you post pictures or people ask about your outfit, you send them your link. After the purchase, you get a percentage.

Easy Right???

Another way is to create a YouTube channel based on your niche. Let’s stay in the fashion niche. You can find stylish photos and videos from social media, make sure to give them credit, and create a YouTube video. In the description, link your blog with your affiliate links, or you can mask them in the description.

Eventually, you’ll get monetized from YouTube and you’ll earn income from the brands you partnered with.

It’s a WIN-WIN

Here are some affiliate programs I recommend to get started.

Reselling on eBay, Mercari, Amazon or Etsy

I always suggest, selling things around your house that you don’t need, don’t use or just taking up space. After that, you can look into scaling your business. Buying wholesale pallets, liquidations, or even dumpster diving.

If you want to make a real income from reselling then check this out.

Online Courses and Tutoring

You can earn money for teaching something you are good at. You don’t have to be the best but if you know how to do something, someone else doesn’t then you can monetize that knowledge.

You don’t even need your own website with platforms like Teachable, Skillshare, and Udemy.

Handmade Crafts

Custom and handmade items have been gaining popularity lately. I’d like to think Etsy had something to do with that. Etsy gives you the platform to sell custom and handmade crafts. You can also sell on your website using Shopify. You can promote using YouTube once again, you can make tutorials and link your website in the description. Some people think showing others how to make something will stop their sales, it doesn’t. Why?? Because, everyone isn’t creative, some don’t have the time, and others would rather pay for it.

So if you are creative, look at selling your own custom items.

Need ideas? I have some listed here.

Create eBooks

This is another easy one. You can easily put together an eBook. It doesn’t have to be 50 pages either. I’ve seen eBooks that were 4 pages but packed with informative content.

You can sell eBooks on your own websites like Shopify, WordPress or Wix.

If you want to create eBooks for others you can promote your services on Fivver or Upwork as well.

And if you want a super-easy way to create eBooks without writing a page, check this out. It literally takes 5 minutes and you don’t have to write a word.

Blogging/ Vlogger

Are you passionate about a specific topic? Do you have knowledge that you can help others with? Create a blog or Youtube channel that helps people solve a problem. YouTube is focusing more on educational and how-to content. So now is the perfect time to start. You don’t need expensive equipment to start either. Just GREAT LIGHTING and a CAMERA that shoots in HD.

Ready to start your blog?

  • Choose your Domain – TIP: Make it easy to remember but related to your niche.
  • Hosting Options- If you use WordPress, you need to host your website. In the long run, it is more affordable than paying monthly. This is hosting I recommend.
  • Choose your payment gateway- I use Paypal, but honestly give your customers options. Stripe and Square are good as well.
  • Social Media- Some people will ask for your Instagram before your website, social proof is everything. So work on creating brand recognition. Pick a platform and post every single day. Post valuable content every single day.

Which side hustle are you going to start today? Leave them in the comments.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

This is a personal blog and review site. I may receive compensation for the products I review.  I test and review every product personally and only promote products and services I actually use or have used before. This blog is independently owned and operated by L Rose and the opinions are 100% unbiased.

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