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Play with Gold Coins for fun.
Play with SweepCoins to redeem cash prizes
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Available in the US (excluding WA / ID). US Based Company

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Play with Gold Coins for fun.
Play with SweepCoins to redeem cash prizes


Play with Gold Coins for fun.
Our social casino has been tailor-made to provide the ultimate social, safe and free gaming experience.
Available in the US (excluding WA, NV, NY, ID).


Play with Gold Coins for fun.
Play with SweepCoins to redeem cash prizes
Available in the US ( excluding AL, GA, ID, KY, MI, NV, WA)

Play with gold coins for fun! Gold coins have no cash prize value and more can be purchased at any time to continue your play on your favorite slots.

SweepsCoins are received as a free bonus when you purchase Gold Coins. Sweeps Coins winnings can be redeemed for cash prizes, and sent directly to your bank account! SC1.00 Sweeps Coins = $1.00 USD

Yes! These are online social casinos that allow you to play with sweepstakes cash to win real cash prizes. Open to residents 18+ in USA or Canada (exceptions above) . For complete rules and regulations, kindly visit each site’s terms of service. 

Typically it takes a few days but can sometimes take up to 10 days to verify all of your info. They must ensure you are legal to play, but once verified, the cash-outs will only take a few days to process each time.

Do these need to be handwritten? Can I have someone else write for/with me?

 Photocopies and other mechanical reproductions will not be accepted and could lead to the banning of your account. Envelopes must only be submitted by the person that owns the account (they do compare handwriting and will not credit your account if they catch you).

What kind of pen/paper/envelope should I use?

The paper can be a notecard or piece of printer paper as long as it is white, unlined, and 4×6. Envelopes should also be white and be a standard #10 envelope. 

Pulsz letters are written in blue ink.

How often are envelopes credited?

This answer changes day to day. Sometimes it can be as often as every week and sometimes it can be as delayed as every 6-8 weeks. Patience is key here.

What are the playthrough requirements for credits from envelopes?

There is currently a 1x play-through requirement from credits. This can be monitored by clicking on your account balance at the top of the screen. As soon as you have played through a minimum of $10 for gift cards or $100 for bank redemption, you can request a payout.

For example, if you wrote 100 envelopes and were credited $500, and then made Five hundred, $1 spins, any money left in your account would be able to be redeemed.

Can I cross out mistakes or use white-out?

Absolutely! Either one works and your envelopes will still be accepted.

Why does Chumba/Luckyland offer this promotion?

These sites operate as a social sweepstakes company. Legally to operate in the U.S. they need to offer an AMOE (Alternate method of entry). By allowing us to write these letters, they satisfy that legal requirement.

Can multiple people in one household write these?

Yes, they can! As long as each person has their own verified account, and only writes for their own account, there should be no issue.

Is there a limit to how many I can send in? Should I send daily or in big bundles?

No! As long as every entry is handwritten by the account owner, there is no limit to how often or how many you can send. How often you send is a matter of preference, some mail daily while others wait until they hit a certain number or mail on the same day every week. Every envelope you send should eventually be credited regardless of how often you are sending them in.

How will I know when envelopes have been credited to my account?

Chumba will send you an email letting you know how many envelopes they credited to your account and how much money that was worth. If a rule wasn’t followed properly, Chumba will send you a rejection email stating what you did wrong. To clarify, the email comes for credits when they are added to your account, not when Chumba actually receives the envelopes.

“I sent in X amount but only got credited for some of them”

Sometimes Chumba will split up your credits even if they were mailed on the same day. If you and another person mail the same amount on the same day, that doesn’t guarantee you both will receive the same amount of credits. If some were missed, they will likely be included in the next cycle

Can anything be abbreviated in the process?

 No! Follow every detail of the rules and this will guarantee that all your envelopes are accepted and added to your account.

How much is credited per envelope?

Each successful request will be awarded with 5SC or the equivalent of $5