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Make Other People Pay Your Car Note


Hey guys so I wanted to show you an app that turns your car into side income.

Click the link below to download the Turo App


Turo is an app that allows you to list your car as a rental car and the company is insured by Liberty Mutual.

If doesn’t matter if you have a Ford Focus or a Lamborghini, you can list your car on this site. Now if you have a Lamborghini or luxury car, you can list your car under Business Class.

Let’s scroll down and click where it says “ car that pays for itself rent out your car for an extra cash”.

List in just 10 minutes.  You see that my car is already listed

You are in control.

You set your car’s availability

The total mileage

The car is insured up to 1 million dollars in liability

Your car is safe because Turo runs a background check on the person driving your car.

After the trip ends you’ll get paid through direct deposit  within 5 days

Let’s get started


Put in the year, make, model, transmission and the current mileage

Put how much of an advance notice you’ll need.

How long the trip can last

Put your license plate number and state

Then add photos. Turo will suggest the type of pictures to add, but you need to at least have one photo.

Add your license plate  number


Your car description and car features and what you do and don’t allow. I don’t allow pets or smoking.

Put the distance included you can change this if but most cars on Turo have a 200 mile a day, $1,000 Mile a week limit and then you’ll just charge extra if the go over the limit.


Vehicle protection,  this is the most important part.

  • I have the standard plan and I earn 75% of the trip price,  
  • a million dollars in liability insurance,  
  • zero out-of-pocket cost for damage,
  • and a replacement car during the repair

Now if you can select the basic plan

  • and you’ll get 85% of the trip cost
  • but you will have to pay out-of-pocket for if your car is damaged

Turo premium covers everything above plus

  • 65% of the trip cost
  • wear and tear and loss of rental income

You can decline the insurance and use your own rental insurance.


Then you’ll add your trip preferences like if you want them to book instantly  without your approval

And you can also block requests that don’t give you enough advance notice like I said before at least a day notice before I rent my car out and that is it that is it

Now if you don’t have a car to rent, you can earn travel credit by sharing the app. Just like Dosh and Cash App, you’ll earn a referral fee for sharing.

They’ll get $25 off their first trip and you’ll earn $25 once they travel.

Pretty cool, huh

Here’s the link again. Join now and start getting your car note paid.


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