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Best Natural Deodorant Ever


Have you heard the rumors about Breast Cancer and Antiperspirants?

Now researchers haven’t found a definite link between breast cancer and deodorant use. But hey you can never be too careful.

I’ve been using aluminum-free deodorants for about 6 months now. Some are good and some are complete trash.

I was recently sent this clay deodorant by Zion Health from Adama Minerals. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and this product is amazing.

Now, I was gifted this product in exchange for my honest review. But I will be purchasing this product on my own when my samples run out. It’s that good!!!

I was sent Sweet Amber, which is part of their Extra Strength line. You can find all the scents here.

Watch the full video review here:

From Adama Minerals:
Absorb odor with Clay
ClayDry absorbs odor and toxins with a special type of healing clay called
Calcium Montmorillonite.
Ingredient Benefits:
• Arrowroot has moisture-absorbing properties. Arrowroot is anti-inflammatory
and also can work as an antiseptic, making it perfect for irritated areas such as
burns, rashes and sores.
• Ionic Minerals (Pure Calcium Montmorillonite Clay) contains more than
57 trace minerals to help absorb odor and balance skin pH.
• Witch Hazel is a natural astringent commonly used to help absorb
excess oil from the skin.
• Vitamin E soothe and moisture sensitive skin
• Rosemary Leaf nourish your delicate underarm area while keeping you
fresh all day.
• Green Tea Extract absorbs wetness and soothes sensitive skin.
• VEGAN • NO Aluminum • NO Paraben • No Animal Testing

I was able to wear this deodorant all day without reapplying. I didn’t experience any wetness, white residue, or funkiness.

Did I mention that this product is Vegan???

Enough said !!!!

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Get it HERE

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L Rose

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